1st Mayfield Scout Group

1st Mayfield Scout Group

Mayfield Scout group was first registered in 1909, only two years after Scouting started.

In over 100 years the group has become part of the community, and has changed to meet the needs of the children and adult involved.
Scouting helps develop self knowledge and skills for life. It allows a person to discover the world beyond the classroom. This is a world wide organisation in over 216 countries, scouting is a large organisation and hasn't stopped growing since it was founded in 1907. In the last 20 years the amount of members has doubled, at present there are more than 25 million members - boys and girls.



Diary at a glance

Thursday 7th September.

Scouts return.

Friday 8th September.

Beavers Return.

Tuesday 12th September

Cubs return.

Saturday 16th September

Mayfield Carnival.

27th - 29th October.

Scouts Autumn Camp.

Sunday 12th November

Remembrance Day

Sunday 10th December

District Carol Service.